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mauna lani resort, hawaii, aug 10, 2003
mauna lani resort, hawaii, aug 10, 2003
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I've currently the treasurer of the alumni corporation for the MIT chapter of the Alpha Delta Phi fraternity. I manage our chapter's ~$330,000 annual budget, and I am involved in numerous other issues as a member of our chapter's alumni board of trustees. I am also responsible for implementing & maintaining alumni group's private web system, a custom PHP/MySQL system including credit card donation processing, an alumni database user-administered mailing lists, and a wiki. The web system uses Amazon S3 for data storage.


I've been a volunteer mentor at the flagship Computer Clubhouse at the Boston Museum of Science since January 1999 (back when it was at the now-dissolved Computer Museum at Fort Point Channel in Boston.) The Computer Clubhouse is an after-school center which encourages underpriviliged youth to use technology creatively. I spend several hours each week at the clubhouse, helping members with their projects, hanging out, working on my own projects, and generally unwinding from the week. In fact, it was a sense of shame at mamy members' vastly superior home pages that finally forced me to make something decent for myself in late 2002!


I've biked recreationally for years, occasionally joining ADP's cook, Bobby Mac, as he leads a training ride for local charity rides. Bobby's route is about forty miles, starting and ending at the quad cycles bike shop on mass ave in arlington. The other riders always make fun of my big, heavy mountain bike with its big, knobby tires. But I mostly manage to keep up--luckily this group only averages about 18mph on the road, since my bike refuses to go much faster. I've long biked around the Boston area as a respite from whatever stresses appear, and my family has even biked down the haleakala volcano in maui. My wife and I did this same ride during our honeymoon in September 2008.


I've taken the MIT skating PE a record eight times, I often go skate for fun at the MIT rink and (less frequently) Boston's beautiful Frog Pond rink.

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